Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beth Ditto @ Evans

I was really excited about the new range comming out, but seeing it all I can say is "Oh dear". How is hard it is to make garments that flatter our curves? I am really dissapointed with this range, I wouldn't buy them even if they were on the sale rack.

Take a look at the Black and Red Printed Dress. I have seen this dress on, it is to short and it gives no shape to the body what so ever. I would have liked to seen this a little longer, a different patern and a wide belt to chinch in the waist. I really don't see these garments flying of the racks. Really this only in my oppinion, you gorgeous girls may love the new line. Perhaps they would of looked better in a differnt pattern or fabric?

However if I had to choose two items from the range it would be the Floral Print Denim Skirt and the Heart Lurex Short Cardigan. The cardi can be worn with everything and the hearts are then in thing right now. As for the skirt it has a nice line and is a great length and can be dressed up or down.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the new Beth Ditto range or perhaps what you would of liked to seen more of.

For now, take care

The Curvy Fashionista xx